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Old, Obsolete Or Overlooked

Many items reside quietly in garages and gardens, on shelves, in lofts, under hedgerows, hidden away in the forgotten nooks and corners where they were once tucked away to remain safe for a next use that never arrived.


Antique shops are full of these estate and barn finds, waiting to begin again in another garage or home. They can be put to their original use or more often to an entirely new purpose as an item aged into a form of art.


This post covers the rest of my recent Arizona trip and the road home to Southern California.


Empty and Obsolete just awaiting a new owner with another idea in Skull Valley AZ



The way home via the road less traveled on a still hazy Spring morning.

More of the letter “O” can be seen at :


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The Long Way

I traveled to Arizona last week and was loathe to zip over there via the mind numbingly dull (though almost an hour quicker) Interstate 10.

Last Thursday morning broke sunny and Spring-like in Southern California, perfect driving weather. I traversed the Cajon Pass before turning East onto I-40 in Barstow.

The original Route 66 was covered by I-40 over much of it’s path although a few drivable sections remain. They are mostly on the Arizona side of the state line but portions can be seen resting in the California desert sun here and there along the way. This route took me first to Needles CA then through Kingman AZ and Ash Fork where I turned South toward Prescott.

Original 1970s 7up sign in Needles

Original 1970s 7up sign in Needles


Since I was without any time constraint this trip and the temperature was still cool and Springy I stopped in Needles to explore a bit farther from the highway for the first time in my life.  I have been here many times but it is either far too cold in the wee hours of a desert morning or blistering hot on a Summer afternoon to want to stay any longer than it takes to fill the gas tank and hurry away.

Nice little Studebaker Truck

Nice little Studebaker Truck

Colorful tagged cattle cars rolling East

Colorful tagged cattle cars rolling East

Vintage Motel still welcoming guests

Vintage Motel still welcoming guests

Kingman has a modern thriving town accessible via the second and third exits from the Interstate, it is always a nice stop along the way but I didn’t go there this time. I took the first exit onto old RTE 66/business 40 taking me through old Kingman which is full of antique shops, tasty BBQ lunch and friendly locals. The requisite small town water tower looms over still busy railroad tracks while a western theme permeates  vintage motels and eateries for a couple miles until the old road hooks up to the interstate once more. I was so focused on the BBQ lunch that I didn’t take many pictures here but you can bet I will return to this road on a future trip.


Building being restored in Kingman

Building being restored in Kingman

Late afternoon found me in Ash Fork which has been one of my favorite places in the entire state of Arizona for many years.

The reason? Oh, the little old Mobil Gas station!

Ash Fork station lot

Ash Fork station lot

I darted in this station one very cold afternoon about 15 years ago to find myself in a warm, cozy hang out for the local old guys to spend the day telling tales and drinking (ahem!) coffee. The walls were covered with old license plates, junk parts and taxidermy…I wanted to stay forever!

A beautiful Jeep @ Ash Fork Mobil

A beautiful Jeep @ Ash Fork Mobil

After I paid for the gas I was graciously allowed to join the conversation so while Bob filled the gas tank outside we talked about Jeeps, Javelina and the value of Gold Toe socks in the glow of a pellet stove. I make a point to stop here just to check in anytime I am nearby.

When I walked in the station last week the conversation was ongoing and the guys were all still in place. After topping off the tank I grabbed my camera and went back to ask if I could take a picture…of the Javelina…they seemed disappointed so I told them to crowd around the wall pig and smile…only the Javelina complied at that point.

I think she winked at us!

I think she winked at us!

Special places that welcome you as a kindred soul are few and far between, when you find yours enjoy it for all it is worth!

I will post the road home to So Cal next week!

See more of the sky above at:

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Rand McNally Sign

Rand McNally where would we be without you?  Before there was mapquest, googlemaps, bing or VZnavigator Rand McNally was there for us.


Folded maps that never really went back to their original shape and giant Map Books and a yearly Atlas took us all over the world in person or from our kitchen tables while dreaming of future travel.

Very few of these signs remain today, they were issued in this hotel format and also in a garage format to identify quality auto repair shops.

May all your travels be frequent as you wish and safe!

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Blue Moon Eve

Monday was one of those days the travel agents never speak about in Southern California. Online booking sites never show photos of this sort of day either.


This was a meltingly hot day in inland So Cal with the added bonus/penalty of light cloud cover by afternoon and high humidity.

People tried to remain ensconced inside well air conditioned buildings and homes, not so happy California cows mooed from their huddle under long rows of corrugated roofs sheltering them from the sun and those few of us who still use Swamp coolers dis the dance of strategically opening and closing windows and shades to direct air flow and not swelter in the added humidity of the cooler’s output.

The reward for dealing stoically with this kind of day (there is always a reward) was one of the most beautiful night skies of the season.


The air cooled right away after sunset and by moonrise all was well once more.


A nearly full True Blue Moon* played peek-a-boo with cotton ball clouds scudding across the inky sky.


See more of the sky above our tiny blue marble at:

*A true blue moon is the third full moon of a four month season while a more common blue moon is the second full moon in a calendar month.

The color of the moon has nothing to do with this timing, a blue color only happens after a volcanic eruption or forest fire large enough to send smoke high into the atmosphere thus turning our view of the full moon fuzzy and blueish.

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Vintage Las Vegas

The letter “V” is brought to you today by: Vintage Las Vegas!


Vintage 1950s and 60s paper coin cups are much smaller than the big plastic ones of today!

Still when you hit the jackpot you could shout “Viva Las Vegas!!!” no, wait that was Elvis or ZZ Top!

See more of the letter “V” at:

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Lovely Luggage Labels

Do you remember riding the train to a Vermont ski resort and returning with new labels on your solid sided luggage to show where you had been?

Me either…only in White Christmas, but wouldn’t it be nice?
Now with Vintage Luggage Labels you can dream of (or fondly remember) a whirlwind Summer touring the globe!
Luggage labels not only showed where the well-traveled tourist had been; they also served as an advertisement for railroads, airlines, ocean liners, and hotels. They became widely used during the end of the nineteenth century, and soon developed into an art form. During the middle of the twentieth century tourism had slowed down, and so did the production of luggage labels, making vintage travel and luggage labels valuable and sought after by collectors.

Lots of Lovely Luggage Labels are still available in good condition through ebay and Etsy as well as Antique shops . Reproductions are plentiful so if you are searching for originals be aware of this otherwise if they are for a project of scrapbooking or you would just like the artwork but in stable modern materials get the reproductions,the color and graphics are very well done.

See more of the letter L at:

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ABC Wednesday S is for So Cal

So cal,S’cali,The Southland any way you say it Southern California is Special and we who live here are for the most part Spoiled.

Not in the ungrateful way of not appreciating what we have but in the “gosh aren’t we lucky to be here and now wallowing in this life ” sort of way.

The Sea,the Sun,the Slopes of the San Gabriel mountains,the Sand dunes of the deserts,Sidewalks in the city,Slides in the playgrounds,heck this is all a playground if you let yourself See.

Bridge Spanning South bound I-15 on the way to San Diego.

Safe travels if you are off to a Thanksgiving day visit or anywhere you choose to roam this week!

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ABC Wednesday F is for Fishy Fish Fish

F is for Fish and a whole lot of them!

This photograph was taken in the late 1930s perhaps as late as Summer of 1941. The couple on the left is Bea and Lewy K. Miller,my great aunt and uncle.

They were always avid outdoors people. Bea loved to drive automobiles (very likely too fast!)they went hunting and fishing together,traveled the world,competed in Archery and skeet shooting,they were really fun people.

I know this was before 1942 because they moved from Minnesota to Bremerton Island,Washington  early in WWII because Lewy was needed to train plumbers and pipefitters for the Navy yards. Bea joined the Red Cross. They also took my mother,their 12 year old  niece into their home around this time after her own parents died.

Now everyone can see where I get my love of stripy shirts!

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ABC Wednesday We begin again

This is my first ABC Wednesday post. I was awaiting the letter A to join at the beginning of round 11.

Here we go!

A is for the Arachnid who spun this lovely web.

Photo was taken at the Griffith Park Train museum, Travel Town. Learn more at :
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Skywatch Friday Happy Birthday (ish) USA

There were many dates that could have been the “Birthday” of the United States of America. The date of July Fourth was finally settled upon and this was how it looked from my front porch in 2012.

A sherbet colored sunset closed an oddly cool day in Southern California (upper 70s).

The evening was filled with Civic fireworks from a nearby park  with first a burst! then the afterglow of the big finale.

All under the watchful eye of a full man in the Moon.

See more of this week’s sky at:

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