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The Long Way

I traveled to Arizona last week and was loathe to zip over there via the mind numbingly dull (though almost an hour quicker) Interstate 10.

Last Thursday morning broke sunny and Spring-like in Southern California, perfect driving weather. I traversed the Cajon Pass before turning East onto I-40 in Barstow.

The original Route 66 was covered by I-40 over much of it’s path although a few drivable sections remain. They are mostly on the Arizona side of the state line but portions can be seen resting in the California desert sun here and there along the way. This route took me first to Needles CA then through Kingman AZ and Ash Fork where I turned South toward Prescott.

Original 1970s 7up sign in Needles

Original 1970s 7up sign in Needles


Since I was without any time constraint this trip and the temperature was still cool and Springy I stopped in Needles to explore a bit farther from the highway for the first time in my life.  I have been here many times but it is either far too cold in the wee hours of a desert morning or blistering hot on a Summer afternoon to want to stay any longer than it takes to fill the gas tank and hurry away.

Nice little Studebaker Truck

Nice little Studebaker Truck

Colorful tagged cattle cars rolling East

Colorful tagged cattle cars rolling East

Vintage Motel still welcoming guests

Vintage Motel still welcoming guests

Kingman has a modern thriving town accessible via the second and third exits from the Interstate, it is always a nice stop along the way but I didn’t go there this time. I took the first exit onto old RTE 66/business 40 taking me through old Kingman which is full of antique shops, tasty BBQ lunch and friendly locals. The requisite small town water tower looms over still busy railroad tracks while a western theme permeates  vintage motels and eateries for a couple miles until the old road hooks up to the interstate once more. I was so focused on the BBQ lunch that I didn’t take many pictures here but you can bet I will return to this road on a future trip.


Building being restored in Kingman

Building being restored in Kingman

Late afternoon found me in Ash Fork which has been one of my favorite places in the entire state of Arizona for many years.

The reason? Oh, the little old Mobil Gas station!

Ash Fork station lot

Ash Fork station lot

I darted in this station one very cold afternoon about 15 years ago to find myself in a warm, cozy hang out for the local old guys to spend the day telling tales and drinking (ahem!) coffee. The walls were covered with old license plates, junk parts and taxidermy…I wanted to stay forever!

A beautiful Jeep @ Ash Fork Mobil

A beautiful Jeep @ Ash Fork Mobil

After I paid for the gas I was graciously allowed to join the conversation so while Bob filled the gas tank outside we talked about Jeeps, Javelina and the value of Gold Toe socks in the glow of a pellet stove. I make a point to stop here just to check in anytime I am nearby.

When I walked in the station last week the conversation was ongoing and the guys were all still in place. After topping off the tank I grabbed my camera and went back to ask if I could take a picture…of the Javelina…they seemed disappointed so I told them to crowd around the wall pig and smile…only the Javelina complied at that point.

I think she winked at us!

I think she winked at us!

Special places that welcome you as a kindred soul are few and far between, when you find yours enjoy it for all it is worth!

I will post the road home to So Cal next week!

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Leading edge


Rain clouds scuttling along the treetops form the leading edge of an incoming storm at sunset.

Weather forecasters are warning a real storm is due to hit Southern California in the wee hours of Friday morning.

I hope they are right this time, So Cal could sure use the rain.


These three little fellows are running South before the wind!

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Zerolene The Standard Motor Oil

Zerolene Motor oil and Grease was a product of Standard Oil Company of California, now Chevron.


I am sure lots of people across North America feel chilly as this bear on ice this week since folks from the Midwest to the East coast are dealing with below Zero weather.

This wraps up another round of ABC Wednesday and I want to say it has once again been a pleasure to meet and blog with all of you out there!

Thanks to Denise, Roger and the entire team at ABC Wednesday for their hard work all through the year!

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Memorial Day weekend in the USA

Could not think of a better way to Skywatch today than with a photo that includes the Stars and Stripes of the Flag in honor of Memorial Day.


This picture was taken in Burbank , CA  on Mother’s Day afternoon, May of 2010 while I was out Geocaching with my Son-in-law, George. We were at the statue of Dr. David Burbank, a dentist by trade he wisely purchased many tracts of land when he moved his practice to Southern California and the city of Burbank was named in his honor. Learn more ablit him here:

The skies today, May 24 2013 look almost identical with highs in the 70s, very nice for outdoor activities this long weekend.

Welcome Summer!

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Smoke filled sky at sunset

This photo was taken near sunset yesterday, May 1st and bodes no good for Southern California.


The tanker plane is coming in for the evening from a brush fire in Banning CA, 40 miles East of here over 3000 acres burned so far and we have hot, dry, windy conditions today, might be contained by Saturday.

There is another larger brush fire burning North of Los Angeles near Camarillo. Another much smaller one in Jurupa, 15 miles Northeast.

This is VERY early for fire season but here we are after a dry Winter and not nearly enough rainfall to keep the hillsides from becoming crunchy tinder.

Fire season normally ends around Thanksgiving, this is going to be a long Summer.

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Skywatch Friday Cloud layers

These are from Sunday this week as the sky produced ever changing scenes throughout the day. The air remained still and warm at ground level.


These little well formed clouds scooted by in front of the remains of a fog bank in the middle of the day, this view was to the West/Southwest.


Only a few degrees over to the West we had a bright Blue sky full of contrails.

Today we’ve had a cold rainy storm move in overnight and seen pouring rain, hail and thunder in the valley with snow falling to the 2500 ft level in the local mountains.

See more at:

Where we welcome and thank Alan from Yogi’s Den for becoming the Host of Skywatch Friday!

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Snowmen in Peril Windy Winter Weather

Snowmen are in peril!


Only hours ago this was a tethered roof dwelling snow fellow, waving a mittened hand in good cheer to passers-by.

Then Winter Weather Warnings Were issued and as darkness fell in So Cal the air became Wild With Wind…Whhhoooossshhh! Off the roof he Went!

I am sure he Will be righted and restored to his roof in the morning but for now he remains a snowman in peril While Wallowing over the sidewalk still Waving bravely.

The wind warning should be over by mid-morning but tonight it is still really whipping around outside.Tomorrow will bring the kind of windy morning that when I was a kid would insure my Dad admonished “Better put rocks in your pockets before you walk to school!”.

This post is going out to  both Skywatch Friday and ABC Wednesday.

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Rainy Skywatch Friday

Late afternoon sky with the leading edge of a cold rainy front just about to blow in today.

Yesterday I closed up the swamp cooler for the end of Summer I had just used it This Tuesday since it was in the middle 90s and now I will be cleaning up the floor furnace and lighting the pilot tomorrow morning because the forecast is for Friday/Saturday lows of 36-40 degrees!

Not much middle ground going on here.

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Skywatch Friday Humidity be gone!

Ppssstttttt, Autumn? You can come by early anytime this year and shoo away August ( she has not been a good guest!).

This is what 46% humidity looks like:

The pretty blue and clouds are a flimsy lie to cover the reality of dense,heavy air that does not move around and does not want you to either.

See more of the sky above (thanks Skywatch team!) at:

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Skywatch Friday Sunset in the Round

Last night Inland Southern California was treated to a sunset in the round. Words and photos do the real thing little justice but here they are for you to enjoy  with their compass points as titles.




Straight up




See more of the sky above at:




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