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Vintage Las Vegas

The letter “V” is brought to you today by: Vintage Las Vegas!


Vintage 1950s and 60s paper coin cups are much smaller than the big plastic ones of today!

Still when you hit the jackpot you could shout “Viva Las Vegas!!!” no, wait that was Elvis or ZZ Top!

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Quarter Mile Drag Racing


After a horrific crash at Englishtown NJ raceway took the life of Scott Kalitta in 2008, NHRA Drag Racing has shortened the Top Fuel and Funny Car distance to 1000 feet, 320 feet short of the traditional Quarter mile of Drag Racing.  They stated at the time in July of 2008  it might be a temporary condition but for these two classes 1000 feet of track remains their finish line as of the 2013 season.

The new rule was made for good reasons with safety as the number one priority as it should be with the Top Fuel and Funny Cars of today reaching and surpassing 300mph.

Nostalgia Drag Racing is still a Quarter mile finish line since these are vintage 1950s- 1980s Top fuel and Funny cars. They are, in my opinion, the best kind of drag racing to watch. When attending a Nostalgia Drag event Fans and Racers alike are transported to a time of racing that did not have huge franchises, 3-5 car “teams” in the same class and there drivers who still wrenched on their own cars after driving to the track in their pick-up hauling their trailered race car.

You can find lots of Nostalgia drag footage  (and all kinds of cool drag racing and car show news) here:

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Darning Socks

This edition of ABC Wednesday here at my blog is brought to you by the Letter D.


Darning thread for the repair on socks and hosiery seems to be a thing of the past. This little 1 3/4″ X 3″ box of Darning Silk Thread contained many colored strands wound on these tiny wooden spools to be used in the repair of socks.

I have been known to Darn my socks when there is a small hole in the toe or heel of a favorite pair that is not easy or cheap to replace. The reaction to this act of Darning is often Damning, with people saying things like “Who does that anymore?” “Just go buy a pair of socks” “Oh my gosh, you are so cheap!”.

In answer to the above I reply: I like to do mending and darning,I find it soothing. The socks I bother to repair are ones I love, like the Heather Grey pair made of  very soft Bamboo fiber. I know I am cheap, frugal, a tightwad at times, thanks for noticing!

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Snowmen in Peril Windy Winter Weather

Snowmen are in peril!


Only hours ago this was a tethered roof dwelling snow fellow, waving a mittened hand in good cheer to passers-by.

Then Winter Weather Warnings Were issued and as darkness fell in So Cal the air became Wild With Wind…Whhhoooossshhh! Off the roof he Went!

I am sure he Will be righted and restored to his roof in the morning but for now he remains a snowman in peril While Wallowing over the sidewalk still Waving bravely.

The wind warning should be over by mid-morning but tonight it is still really whipping around outside.Tomorrow will bring the kind of windy morning that when I was a kid would insure my Dad admonished “Better put rocks in your pockets before you walk to school!”.

This post is going out to  both Skywatch Friday and ABC Wednesday.

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ABC Wednesday : J is for Janis

J is for Janis. So I am doing something rare for this day posting a photo of  myself.  This is also Talk Like Pirate Day so two birds and all that!

Over the course of a few years blogging here and at Skywatch as well as random posts I have made friends with a few other “Janis'” around the internet and scattered across the country. We are in California,Texas,North Carolina,Connecticut and I think we have one in Washington state. We are all within a decade in age and have had many similar experiences.

What does one call a group of Janis (PL)? Besides scary for those of you who may know any of us! A serving? A course? A flight? A Page? I am not sure but I am sure I enjoy knowing there are more of us out and about!

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ABC Wednesday I is for the Iceman

I have written about our local Iceman,Mr. Moffet before but want to Include him in ABC Wednesday too!

He has to be in his early 90s now,still going strong running the Ice house here in town,he maintains the motors and compressors that turn the simple commodity of water into the sought after one that is Ice! He does science everyday. You never know what kind of interesting item he may have tied down in the back of his pick-up truck (It was an 1800s factory sausage press one day and a load of Stag head ferns another!).

Mr. Moffet is the only Ice Man this town has had in my lifetime,he has been in the same location making Ice daily since the early 1950s. He delivers to local stores in the mornings and hangs out on the wide Inviting dock of an afternoon.

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More about the Ice House :

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