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Hazy Los Angeles Sunset

Last week I went to dinner at an amazingly delicious establishment in Silverlake, Black Hogg. Thank you Ayleen for this wonderful dining experience!

We arrived a little too early so backtracked down Sunset a little to spend some time at Barnsdall Park and view the exterior of Hollyhock House.

Hollyhock House is a Frank Lloyd Wright creation atop a hill in East Hollywood and though it is lovely in it’s own right the views from the surrounding grounds are real showstoppers even on a hazy evening.


North: Griffith Park Observatory


Northwest: The Hollywood sign and comm towers


West: The city and her people

See more skywatch at:


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ABC Wednesday Gray and Golden skywatch Friday

Just when I thought there was little to see at the end of a very busy Tuesday afternoon the entire color of the room changed.

Beams of Golden light lined the edges of Gray clouds that had rolled up from the Southeast. The soft. burnished Gold of the sinking sun infused a sky heavy with  potential  moisture of rain that never fell.

After the Golden Gray had fallen prey to approaching nightfall rich magenta hues rolled and roiled through the cloudy Southern California sunset.

This is for both ABC Wednesday :


Skywatch Friday:

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Skywatch Friday Blimp!

There are a few things that still cause me to leap from my chair or drop whatever task I have in hand and run out the front door,heedless of the screen slamming in my wake. An Ice Cream truck on a searing August afternoon will cause this(also a quick turn after I get them to stop so I can run back inside to get a handful of change to pay for my treat!) and a Blimp flying over the neighborhood anytime of year still causes this childlike sprint of happiness. The sheer wonderment of a blimp  cruising by at a speed the human eye can track,sometimes so low you can wave at the pilot who most often will wave back at you.

This is about the distance when I not only hear but can identify the sound of a blimp approaching from the West. They have a particular low motor thrum unlike any other craft traversing the sky. They sound like adventure.

Mostly Blimps fly by when there is a large event somewhere in Southern California where they have been hired to advertise. We get to see the huge famous Goodyear Blimp a few times a year since their tie down is about 40 miles Northwest of here. The Met Life insurance Blimp goes by now and then with Snoopy as a WWI flying ace emblazoned on the side,this is my favorite airship! Today the flight was thanks to advertisement from Hanger 1 vodka company.

Enjoy more photos of the sky above @

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