Vegetation station

This is the waiting area for newly planted vegetation awaiting a permanent home in the backyard as the renovation slowly moves forward.

IMG_1835 IMG_1836

All these cuttings are from local gardens so they are already acclimated to our inland heat and cold. This will give them a much better chance to survive my black thumb and occasional over zealous watering or benign neglect.

Vintage Sunkist citrus crate tops

Vintage Sunkist citrus crate tops

The Historic Society Antique Faire was held last Saturday in the shade of  Corona Heritage Parks many trees. The Garden club was out on the lawn with plants and cuttings for sale along side Master Gardeners giving advice to keep the little plants alive when they arrived at their new homes!

All these plants are from that sale for quite a bargain end of day price of $10 for a wagon load!

local scouts help haul plants to car!

local scouts help haul plants to car!

The big ones are in temporary pots until they can go in the ground and the little ones on the table will stay in their current pots and find new placement in a few weeks around the yard.


The Antique Faire is held the first Saturday in June every year, this was the 11th and by far the nicest day ever with blue skies and light breezes temps only reached the middle 80s.

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4 thoughts on “Vegetation station

  1. I love the faires!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday

  2. Best wishes with your new plants and backyard project!

  3. Good luck with the new vegetation. It’s looks pretty drought tolerant!

  4. You can get so much more variety at plant sales for a much better price than the nursery. Good for you.

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